Les Digitales 2017

Festival for Electronic and Experimental Music

Les digitales

Walter Gross

  • Walter Gross
  • Born in Baltimore, evolving his craft in Los Angeles and currently living in Berlin, Walter Gross is truly a one of a kind artist, iconoclast and a master of many mediums. He is mainly known for his experimental audio soundscapes, which inhabit a space between dustbowl folk re-appropriations, walls of noise, sludgey trap-rap and prog-rock. Its easy to throw a bunch of catch phrases together and make a bio seem compelling, but Walter truly walks these lines with grace and originality. Beyond being a music maker he is a film director and visual artist. His videos are obsessive collages, and unlike so many who utilizes «found art» he brings these pieces to life and creates stunning and unique pieces with them.

    Words don’t do music like this justice, after a decade and a half of DIY releases you can feel his vision coming together and his approach shifting to serious song writing and compositions that are the perfect sound track for the Mad Max era we are entering.

    Walter is a one of a kind genre defying artist that stands as a testament for and against the times, the kind of artist that Black Box Tapes was founded to stand behind.


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