Les Digitales 2017

Festival for Electronic and Experimental Music

Les digitales


  • Jessiquoi
  • Jessiquoi is Bern’s big secret that is about to get out, although she is Australian with Swiss roots. Her beats flow somewhere between fresh Electronica, World music and Rap. Her vocals, colourful costumes and wild make-up embody a sheer and endless creativity. She combines these elements live on stage so effortlessly that you might do a double take at first. Her sound and performance are scratching that itch we all have for ‘that certain je ne sais quoi’ – or rather that certain ‘Jessiquoi’. And so her notoriety is building quickly, with performances in the Dachstock in Bern, the Fri-Son in Fribourg, many underground parties and her name on the program of this year’s Gurten Festival and Zürich Openair Festival, her reputation as the next big thing is starting to bubble to the surface. She certainly has ruffled the feathers of the local scene. A goddess of DIY, she takes the stage with her own hand-made wooden wagon which is covered in lights, momentos from Asia and various electronic equipment. Then she hits the audience with her dance, her voice and displays full control of her many electronic instruments and effects. As if that weren’t enough, all her material is completely self- produced, including the Konghou (Chinese harp) she brought back home to sample, because that’s how modern goddesses roll these days.

photo of michael CAILLET Michael Caillet mi-ca web developer
Frédéric-Chaillet 1
1700 Fribourg Switzerland