Les Digitales 2017

Festival for Electronic and Experimental Music

Les digitales

Curved Grooves

  • Curved Grooves
  • Curved Grooves is a music project born in 2014 from the meeting between Ivano Pecorini and Michele Andreotti in the academic context of Conservatorio S. Cecilia in Rome.

    Ivano Pecorini, born in Formia (LT) on May 25th 1992, takes up guitar when he’s twelve, getting interested in electronic manipulation of sound just a few years later, and starting to experiment with the employment of instrument as pure sound source.It’s just that interest that leads him to join the Electronic Music Course at Conservatorio S. Cecilia in Rome at the end of 2013.

    Michele Andreotti, born in Avellino on March 12th 1993, during his early youth starts studying piano and bass guitar, moving near to the world of composition right away. This passion allows him to explore the opportunities offered by digital and electronic media, which leads him to join the Electronic Music Course.

    The collaboration between the two arises from setting musical complicity and thanks to the shared interest in electronic sonorities and acoustic and instrumental ones.

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